In the Arena you have the chance to fight other players, there's four different arenas one for each card quality, the team you put together to fight in arena can only be of the card quality for the selected arena and you can only seize one arena at a time. Each player is given 10 attempts at the arena and has the option to purchase more attempts for runes.


You have the option buy inspiration buffs that increase your HP (health) or ATK (attack) for 10,000 Gold each level up to a max of 10 for 120 Minutes that affects your team while attacking and defending. Each inspiration buff gives you a 1.5% bonus to that stat per level. This can be very beneficial and can change the outcome of the battle. You can even win against a higher level players if you have full buffs.

When entering the Arena you will try to seize it by selecting the type of challenge you want Weak, Normal or Tough.  After selecting the type of challenge the Arena interface compares your Team Power and randomly matches you with another player depending on the difficulty chosen. If no player is available within your Team Power range then you automatically seize the Arena. When defending, other players will choose their difficulty just as you have and will enter a battle with you or another player if their Team Power is within range. Depending on the difficulty they have chosen, you could be defending against a weaker team or a stronger team, so don't be discouraged if you have troubles defending. Defending an Arena lasts up to 60 Minutes.

Example - Your team power is 20,000 and you choose Weak Challenge. The system will match you with another player that is below 20,000 but up to a certain limit.

Players take advantage of this system by designing teams with very strong Heroes but only using 2 out of the 5 slots to reach a desired Team Power which can defend and conquer very well in the Arena.

After the first initial battle before defending, you can gain points depending on whether you win or lose. Winning grants you 2 points and losing grants you 1 point. You can exchange points for rewards in the Arena feature up to a maximum of 30 points.

Also, after a battle you have a few options to choose from if you desire so. You can review the battle by replaying the video, save the Arena battle video, compare your teams, and obviously close the screen to return you to the Arena.


When seizing the arena you earn reputation, you also receive 2 reputation each time you succeed in defending the arena from other players. When you get enough reputation you are  able to increase your rank, which increase your rewards, daily rank prizes and even change your nickname/title color. Yes, the arena also has its own rewards, don't forget to check them once on a while and pick them up! 'Bold text'


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*Note - Changing equipment on Heroes inside the arena DOES effect team power and that hero.

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