Create is an option that can only be accessed at Lvl. 50 and by selecting at the furthermost right tab through Fusion, Evolution, or Skills. A bug with the Windows Phone version may only unlocks this feature at Lvl. 51 [1]

This option allows users to select 2 Protagonists to refresh and randomly create a new one at a specific cost. You have the option to refresh as many times as necessary, provided you have the resources. This can be viable to players that are needing specific protagonists to complete evolutions. Once the refreshed card is created and is the card wanted, by selecting the "Create" button adjacent to "Refresh" will complete the process and eliminate the 2 unwanted cards to create the new one.

3.4 Update

Rarity of Blue/Rare Protagonists is not available with this feature and Epic/Purple Protagonists and Antagonists are only available during certain Events. You can select 2 Protagonists to create one new Protagonist or select 2 Antagonists to create one new Antagonists, but not mix both.

Cost of creating:

  • 25,000 Gold - Uncommon
  • 15,000 Gold - Common
  • 80 Runes - Epic (Only during Events)

The New refreshed Hero will still be available to create even after exiting the Create Feature.

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