Dungeons are areas where a player can run through and try to defeat heroes to collect various types of cards. There are three difficulty types of dungeons: Normal, Elite, or Heroic; that you can choose from. Each difficulty will unlock at a certain level excluding Normal Dungeons. There is a cost of AP to enter a dungeon and can range from 6 to 120 depending on the type. Aside from the different difficulty dungeons, there are Event Dungeons and Guild Dungeons. There are typically 3 stages to each dungeon and each stage you have 30 rounds to defeat your enemies with the last stage containing the BOSS and some minions (trash). At the end of each stage you have the option to adjust your formation, unless you have "Auto Fight" set. There are 4 different speeds you can choose from at the bottom right hand side to decrease the time it takes for the animations 1x, 2x, 4x, and AUTO.

"Auto Fight" becomes available after LVL 15 and 4x speed becomes available after purchasing any amount of Runes.

Upon completion of a dungeon, the player will receive a certain amount of Gold and EXP along with any drops that came from that dungeon and receive a Star Rating of to ☆☆☆. To obtain ☆☆☆ a dungeon needs be completed within 5 and under rounds at the BOSS stage, ☆☆ for completing within 10 rounds and under, is 11 rounds and over. The star rating is used to receive Rewards. View the specific types of dungeons to see more information. There are many features within each difficulty and special types of dungeons.

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