Equipment in Epic Heroes can be obtained in many different ways and equipped to any Hero that you have. Equipment provide bonuses to stats similar to Leader Skills. Most equipment can be found in Heroic Dungeons and Guild Dungeons or can also be obtained through Exchange, Guild Auction, and synthesizing with certain Materials.

Within the Equipment interface feature you are able to select from 4 different tabs allowing you to manage your equipment. You can select a Hero to equip under Equipment, sell or view your equipment under Bag, sell or view your Materials, or Synthesize Equipment.


3.4 Update

You are now able to sell Equipment with the exchange of Justice Badges! You can view the amount of Justice Badges at the Sell Tab in the Equipment Interface. Also, T3 Rare Equipment now drop in Heroic 5★ Epic BOSS Dungeons with random stat values.

Below is a list of available equipment. Click on the icon to view specific details and how to obtain that specific piece of equipment.

Note: Guild Boss drops are random armor Rare T2 and Epic T1, Heroic Dungeons drop Common, Uncommon, Rare Tier 1 and Rare Tier 3 equipment.

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Common Equipment

Light Wood Bow Stone Hammer
Hardwood Staff Long Sword
Homespun Cap Sackcloth
Homespun Mantle Adventurers Cloak
Adventurers Ring

Uncommon Equipment

The Eagle Horn Bow Decorated Tack-Hammer
Knowledge Rod Calvary Sword
Refined Crown Refined Clothes
Refined Mantle The Guard Cloak
Guard Ring

Rare Tier 1

Strong Hunting Bow Golden Luster Cloak
Meteor Hammer Golden Luster Helmet
Meteor Staff Golden Luster Breastplate
Protection Sword Golden Luster Mantle
Sapphire Ring

Rare Tier 2

Heartseeker Leaders Mail
Chastener Leaders Helmet
Luxuriant Staff Leaders Mantle
The Watcher Leaders Cloak
Leaders Ring

Rare Tier 3

Rarebow3 Raremail3
Rarehammer3 Rarehelmet3
Rarestaff3 Raremantle3
Raresword3 Rarecloak3

Epic Tier 1

Holy Spirit Sword Life Armor
Siphon Staff Life Helmet
Hammer of Fate Life Mantle
Sensitivity Bow Life Cloak
Life Ring

Epic Tier 2

Sharp Edge Flame Armor
Burning Staff Flame Helmet
Anger Hammer Flame Mantle
Balrog Bow Flame Cloak
Flame Ring

Legendary Equipment

Pioneer Ring

Achievement Rewards

Magic Cloak Underware
Silver Scale Breastplate Lucky Gold Ring

Unknown Equipment

Otherhelmet1 Otherring
Otherhelmet2 Otherhelmet3
Otherarmor1 Othercloak

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