After reaching LVL 40 you unlock the Guild feature! Guilds are an association of members that team up together to take on Guild Raids to gain new resources and Equipment. At first you will have to apply to a guild that seems appealing to you or you have the option to create your own Guild.
Within the guild feature you are able to see your "Main" Guild page that displays the name of your guild, Reputation, Manifesto, and Guild Level at the top. You will also see your Guild Notice, which is basically a message from your Guild Chairman, and an activity log.
Please visit Guild Creation for other functions
Members is a section where you can view your members in your guild. There are 3 types of authority within a guild: Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Officer. The Chairman has the ability to appoint a member to be Vice-Chairman but Officers are automatically given the title when that member or members have the highest DKP. The members of the guild are sorted in order by the amount of DKP earned. You can individually select a member to view their stats, invite as a friend, send a message, or even Duel. Only the Chairman and Vice-Chairman have privileges to change certain things within the Guild.
Guild Rank is mainly just a view of other guilds trying to promote their guild for other members that are wanting to join one. By bidding you can place your guild higher with each bid in the amount of runes, but this only applies to players that have reached LVL 90 or who have purchased 2000 Runes. Basically a form of advertisement for the guild.

Guild Rank

Guilds who bid in the Top 100 will be featured. Featured Guilds refresh every 6 hours and within that 6 hours you can bid for the next ranking.


Also, don't forget to Contribute to your Guild!

Last but not least, you have Dungeons! Where you can raid very difficult dungeons and gain prizes and Equipment.
3.4v Update!

Guild Tech and Guild Chat are now available with the new update. You can access the Guild Chat by selecting the "..." Button at the top right hand corner of the screen.

Please see Guild Dungeons for more information
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