What are Guild Dungeons??

Guild Dungeons (raids) are special, large dungeons which are only available to those in a guild. Guilds unlock raids as the guild levels up (Ruins of Zuan is unlocked at guild level 3, Flameheart at level 5, Outer Cathedral at level 7, and Cathedral Hall at level 9). Within each raid there are often several separate dungeons - for example, Ruins of Zuan consists of Ruins of Zuan(Lower), Ruins of Zuan(Base) and Ruins of Zuan(Upper).

The dungeons get progressively harder so the best place to start your raiding career is definitely Ruins of Zuan (Lower).

Where can I find the guild raids?

If you tap the Guild button on the main menu to go to the Guild page you will see a Dungeons tab that you can tap. The guild raids are listed there.

What is a guild raid actually like?

Raids are like other dungeons except they have more stages (typically six rather than three) and they are designed to be completed by a large group of people rather than a single player.

Raids can seem utterly brutal at first. The enemies - even the trash waves between bosses - are much, much stronger and tougher than ordinary dungeons and can rip a large hole in even an experienced raider's team! It's important not to be put off by this; it happened (and still happens...) to all of us and it's simply a function of the raid being built for a large group.

Think of it as a team effort - we all chip away at it until we win. Nobody beats a raid on their own.

Why bother? What's in it for me?

Raids cost 20 AP per attack (you get three per day) and 50,000 Gold or 20 Runes per continue with a max of 10 continues and, at first, you may feel that you aren't achieving much before the enemies tear you up. So why do it?

The rewards from raiding are actually pretty decent. There are rewards for those placing top 3 in each raid (typically Epic Armor for #1 and Rare Armor for #2 and #3). The raid bosses also drop items when they die which then appear in the Auction interface. Anyone who fought in that raid can bid DKP to try to win those items.

That's not all though. For each attack, and every time you use one of your continues, you generate a random reward which you receive at the end of that attack. You get ten continues in each of your three attacks so that's thirty-three random rewards from the following list:

  • Golden Dragon Whelp (common)
  • Sunflower (common)
  • Pumpkin (uncommon)
  • Ores for upgrading armour or weapons (uncommon)
  • Raid boss puzzle pieces (uncommon)
  • Blue armour or weapons (rare)
  • Purple armour or weapons (very rare)

That makes the rewards fairly worthwhile even if, at first, it feels like you're taking a bit of a pasting! As your deck gets stronger and you learn the best strategies for dealing with each boss or wave, you'll find yourself inflicting more damage and getting further and further with each attack.

Event ExplanationEdit

  1. Either Top 3 or Top 5 depending on the Dungeon earn 1 Justice Badge
  2. Top 3 or Top 5 Earn Equipment or Materials depending on the Dungeon
  3. Upon clearing a dungeon, if the damage is over 500,000 then you will receive 1 Justice Badge
  4. You have the option to Inspire for 100,000 Gold to increase your Attack by %100 or 2x.
  5. Guild Dungeons can be reset and opened 7x a week and 14x a week if Guild Level is 10+
  6. Guild Dungeons reset every Sunday at 6:00am PST
  7. Dungeon Drops from Bosses will be available for bids using DKP in the auction interface
  8. You are allowed 3 Attacks per day with 10 Continues Each.
Below you can view specific information about each dungeon to help you plan out your attack.

Details of Guild Dungeons
Ruins of Zuan

Altar Area

Outer Cathedral
Cathedral Hall

Courtesy to Exodus Guild for information

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