You will find here answers to Frequently Asked Questions or FAQ. We strongly recommend you read this before asking a question in comments or on the forum.


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What does this term mean?Edit

Check our Wiki's Glossary, lots of useful terms are defined there.

How to get better at this game?Edit

Patience and observation. Read how people are building their teams and see how you can improve yours.  Feel free to ask questions on the Wikia forums or chat.  There are plenty of experienced players on hand to help you out.

What's the Max Level a Player can be?Edit

Currently the max level for a player is 200. You can view the Player Level Chart to see how much EXP is needed for each level.

How can I change my in-game avatar/image?Edit

The picture from the leader card currently in your active team will display as your avatar. You must enter a dungeon for the image to refresh if you change teams.

How do I log-out of the game?Edit

Click the "More" button in the bottom right corner of the main screen. Then, click on the "Settings" tab in the upper right corner, scroll down and click on "Log Out". Doing so will prompt a confirmation and you will be returned to the title screen.

How long are Cards/Items stored in my Box or Storage?Edit

Indefinitely, until they are sold, fused, or used for evolution.


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Who/What is the best Hero?Edit

There's no best Hero, as they all have different roles (tank, healer, mage, etc.) and depends on the dungeon.

Can I Trade my Heroes?Edit

No, that is currently impossible and will most certainly remain like this.

What are the best leader skills for my Hero?Edit

They are being discussed on our Skills board. Every Hero can benefit from leader skills depending on the strategy.


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How can I get this information on a card?Edit

Simply search for that card's page on the Wiki: all the information should be here.

What are the different rarities?Edit

There are 4 different rarities: Common (Grey), Uncommon (Green), Rare (Blue), Epic (Purple). Usually, the more rare a card is, the stronger it is.

How to get new cards?Edit

You can get new cards by completing a dungeon, purchasing a Rune Summon, or using Friend Points for FP Summon. Depending on the type of dungeon, you can receive a new hero, weapon, armor, or card piece.

How much is this card worth?Edit

You can check the price of the card on the selling page (in Gold) for each corresponding type.


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What are the different types of skills?Edit

There are:

Do Leader skills stack?Edit

Technically in a different way. If your leader and the friend's leader have the same skill and level, you get an extra bonus. Also, if your leader and any one of your teammates have the same type and level skill, you get another extra bonus.

How do I level my Initiative skill?Edit

The cards being fused need to have the same type of skill as the selected hero. If the initiative skill has a "+" and the card being fused does not, then the skill will not level. To be absolute, check the "Skill Level Up:" % rate at the bottom right of the Fusion screen.


Main article: Evolution

What are the basics of evolution?Edit

All you need to know is on the Evolution page.

Why is the card I have not showing up on the Evolution screen?Edit

You might be using it in the Arena or you have the card protected.


What is this event?Edit

Be sure to check the event pages: News and Announcements. All the rules are explained here.

When does next event start?Edit

Events usually start a day or two after the end of the precedent. Sometimes the period between two events may be extended.

What is next event?Edit

Currently, we are unable to predict the future of events.