Levadune's Lair
Levadune's Lair is an event dungeon that consists of only 1 Stage with 2 Pumpkins and Levadune himself. This can be extremely difficult to defeat due to the Heroes having MASSIVE HP. Upon completion you will receive a random T2 Rare Equipment and 2 Pumpkin. This dungeon is only available on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday for 2x completion each day.

Suggested formation should include all Magic based attacking Heroes and Qriest close to MAX as possible with full equipment as Levadune is weak against Magic Attacks. 3 Single DPS like Warlock and FC, CL and Shaman to take out Pumpkins, and Qriest to heal.

Epic Heroes - Levadune's Lair

Epic Heroes - Levadune's Lair

Lair of the Bronze Dragon (Normal)
AP Cost 60
Gold 250,000
EXP 15,000
Hero Drops
Pumpkin Card Pumpkin Card
Random Tier 2 Rare Equipment or Universal Piece Drops from Levadune

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