Qriest+3 (R)

Qriest+3 (R) Card
Can Evolve
HP: 9,825 Max Level: 75
ATK: 7,121 Leadership: 17
Rarity: Rare
Class: Priest
Normal Skill: Heal
Initiative Skill: Healing Prayers+
Passive Skill: Artisan Holy Talent
Unrequited Love Rare
Silent Gladiator Rare
First Comrades Rare
What a Player Rare
Broken Squad Rare
Honest and pure likes to follow MT, he has a special place in her heart. She's a rare natural healer.

  • Evolution
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Evolution Line
Qriest (C)
Qriest (UC)
Qriest (R)
Qriest+ (R)
Qriest+1 (R)
Qriest+2 (R)
Qriest+3 (R)
Qriest (EP)
Qriest+ (EP)
Qriest+1 (EP)
Qriest+2 (EP)
Qriest+3 (EP)

Evolution Requirements
Qriest+2 (R) Card Plus Qriest+ (R) Card and 280,000 Gold